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Cascade Support offers a variety of Cloud hosted services from hosted Microsoft Exchange email, SharePoint and Dynamics CRM to hosted online backups for physical or virtual environments. Cloud computing is fast evolving from a futuristic technology into a commercially viable alternative for companies in search of a cost-effective storage and server solution. Here are some advantages to cloud computing:


Cloud computing follows a utility model in which service costs are based on consumption; therefore, companies pay for the only what they use. No more scrambling to secure additional hardware and software in anticipation of increased user loads; with cloud computing, an organization can add and subtract capacity as its network load dictates.


Without the need to purchased hardware, software licenses or implementation services, a company can get its cloud-computing arrangement off the ground in record time – and for a fraction of the cost of an on-site solution.


By placing storage and server needs in the hands of an outsourcer, a company essentially shifts the burden placed on its in-house IT team to a third party provider. The result? In-house IT departments can focus on business-critical tasks without having to incur additional cots in manpower and training.


Network outages can send an IT department scrambling for answers; with cloud computing, its up to a company’s selected vendor to offer 24/7 costumer support and provide and immediate response to emergency situations.

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