Hybrid Cloud Architecture

What Is Hybrid Cloud Architecture?

Hybrid Cloud Architecture is a customized blend of private, on-premises cloud platforms, and third-party public cloud services. It allows the business flexibility as data workloads can vary widely.

Cascade Support has been providing Hybrid Cloud Architecture to our clients for years, and we find it especially useful for clients with regularly changing processing needs, such as retail and banking industries.

For example, a company can use an on-premises private cloud to host sensitive workloads and use  Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) to host less-critical files, such as test and development workloads. Google Compute Engine, can also come into play for other data. To hold client-facing and backup data, a hybrid cloud could also use a software layer, such as Eucalyptus, which can provide a connection between private cloud connections and public clouds.

Retail businesses benefit from Hybrid Cloud Architecture as well, since they can have very high demand spikes during the holiday season. A local, on-premises cloud can work well handling the bulk of the data but can utilize cloud bursting for those spikes. Cloud bursting is where the application can “burst” data into the public cloud when additional resources are needed.

The flexibility and scalability of Hybrid Cloud options are very economical since it allows a company to have the option of access to additional cloud storage when they need it, without an ongoing charge of more storage capacity than they typically need. Hybrid Clouds give small businesses the data management they need with an affordable price tag.

Since there are potential connectivity issues when accessing the public cloud, it is important to choose a provider who is experienced in IaaS and Hybrid Cloud Architecture. For your customized quote, please contact Cascade Support!


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