What is Infrastructure as a Service?

IaaS architecture allows the provider to host the infrastructure components usually on an on-site data center, including servers, storage and networking hardware, and virtualization layers in the cloud. IaaS also offers virtual computing resources, allowing users to log in remotely (off-site) while utilizing multiple layers of security.

Cascade Support has been providing IaaS to a variety of Small, Medium, and Large Businesses for over 15 years. What sets us apart is the ability to offer an on-premises data center as well as cloud-based services. This allows us to diversify the security based on the needs of the client. At our data center, we have dedicated machines for each client, which translates to a higher level of security and expansion options since the server is not shared among multiple businesses. Our data center has compliant hosting services, as certified by HIPAA, GxP, and 21 CFR Part 11.

For example, a SMB may have 15 employees- 10 employees report consistently to an office while the other 5 work remotely. With Cascade Support’s IaaS service, they can all be accessing their own, secure server from our data center located in the Pacific Northwest. Each of the users may have their own dedicated system stored on the server, and they can choose what information they would like to share with selected users on their team. This allows the on-site and remote employees flexibility and security knowing that, no matter what happens on site, their data is safe. They can choose to have the systems available to mobile, PC, or Mac devices. Furthermore, by working with Cascade Support, we can fix any potential issues that a user may encounter in real-time, and we are responsible for keeping the systems up-to-date. We pride ourselves on our client-centered approach and our ability to be multiple places at once.

Another benefit of IaaS is that the business has the option of having their data stored on-site in their office, being continuously backed up to a cloud data service, our local data center, or a combination of all. This system of checking and backing up gives our clients the peace of mind they need to not worry about their infrastructure’s security and focus on their business. This can also lead to valuable cost savings. Instead of purchasing new computers for employee use every couple of years, business owners have the option of utilizing a Thin Client device coupled with a monitor (or multiple displays), keyboards, and a mouse / track-pad. These devices simply springboard into the computer which is housed on the company’s private cloud and cut down on expense, environmental impact, and desk clutter when compared to a traditional desktop.

With a variety of options typically only available to enterprise level business, our small and medium-sized clients can take advantage of Big Business Infrastructure at a SMB price! Please contact Cascade Support today for a complimentary evaluation and proposal.

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